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What Our New Third Graders Love About NSA

Emilia L, Reporter

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“I love lockers at NSA!” says Annikah from third grade.

Kate says, “All the teachers are really nice!”

Third grade changed! Last year there were 82 people; 26 girls and 56 boys. This year,there are 92 kids, with a total of 45 girls and 47 boys. There are “So many people, you can make a lot of friends!” said Lizzy. Third graders really seem to like North Star.

Although the school atmosphere is awesome for the 3rd graders, they have also noticed all the trash as well as the dirty bathrooms. Third graders also want the fire bells to be improved. Some people want to bring ice cream and special treats on their birthday like they could at their old school.

The third graders have some positive things to say about the school too. Toby says, “NSA has a bigger playground than my old school!”. “I like the AC, and people are nice”, adds Chloe C. Everybody likes NorthStar more than their old school. “I like the the upstairs.” says Arni. “You can use the elevator when you get hurt”, says Matt. Half of the third graders are from Redwood City, and the other half are mostly from San Carlos and Redwood Shores. Anna and the office staff wants people to feel comfortable to come to the office.

Some kids like that there is less learning time than their old school. Mina said, “It’s a shorter day at school”, and Dardio said, “I like the longer lunch”. Some people like the clubs with Ms. Lozano during breaks and at lunch. For example, Henry S. says “ Ms. Lozano has a club everyday except Monday”. Although the third graders have pros and cons to weigh, it seems like they really enjoy their new school!

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What Our New Third Graders Love About NSA