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Lunch Time is for More Than Just Eating Lunch at NSA!

Sophia W and Lucia R

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  At lunch there are many clubs. They meet everyday of the week except Monday. On Tuesday there is stitchery club. On Wednesday there is Save It Now and looming club. On Thursday there is coding club and on Friday there is Science Launch. Mrs. Lozano runs all the clubs.

Many kids go up to Mrs. Lozano room and embroider. This is one of her most recent clubs. Abuelita is the most experienced at this and is the teacher of it. Sadly, she will have to go back to Mexico soon, so Mrs. Lozano has decided to give the job to Kate G, a 6th grader. Kate has learned so many stitches, she has even gotten to the ribbon stitch, which is very advanced. “She’s a really good Stitch” says Giselle R, a fourth grader.

Meanwhile at Save It Now the kids are trying their hardest to help save animals, while having some fun at the same time. This club has been meeting for 3 years. The first year they tried to save songbirds by making birdfeeders. The second year they made a book, bookmarks, and a website for the Salt Marsh Harvest mouse. This year they are doing separate group projects. If three or more people work in a group that means they are working on something world wide, like pollution. If two people or less work in a group that means that they are working on a single animal, like the panda. Some of the main projects that they thought of first are monarch butterflies and foxes

        The want to “… bring back the land that we had before and the clean water, lots of animals would survive” says Mrs. Lozano. In other words Mrs. Lozano is trying to say, that if we did not pollute the land  and destroy the land, or trash the clear rivers and lakes that we had before or even assume that some animals were dangerous because they had fangs or claws and just try to hunt them to extinction this land would be full of animals that would keep our land rich and balanced. Focus on one animal and you’ll save many. Every animal is connected and if something happens to one something happens to another.

Three fourth graders Anika K, Maddie P and Lee N, are doing something about pollution. They’re doing a presentation and an article. But, to create and brainstorm a article and have the bravery of doing a presentation in front of people you may not know, is pretty amazing. They even made a cheer for Save It Now. That’s a very hardworking and brave group of girls. One thing Mrs. Lozano told Sophia W, a fourth grader, about pollution is that companies are going to places that don’t have the law to not pollute, then they are going there and set up a factory and throw things they don’t need into the ocean which hurts the environment and kills many animals in the ocean and on land.  

At looming club many third graders and sixth graders are going to add their rubber band chains to the enormous 300 foot ball. But they are running out of rubber bands and need more. So now most people that come there now come with their own rubber bands.

Thursdays are coding club. What you do there is go to cs-first, sign in, and code. You can code games and little videos that can include little skits that take place in backyards, outer space, the beach, clothing shops, and more. Ms. Lozano says that, ”coding club is to get kids more comfortable with computers and to open their imagination.”

Now the thing you have all been waiting for…. Science Lauch! At Science Lauch, people are doing activities similar to Save It Now. Fun things they are doing experiments and watching interesting videos. Last year they made putty which was really cool! And some videos they watched included really hard math problems. There are many great clubs that NSA students can join at lunch!

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Lunch Time is for More Than Just Eating Lunch at NSA!