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Ms. Fadel, New Teacher On The Block!

Ms. Fadel, New Teacher On The Block

Dominic, Sports Editor, Website Manager

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This year at North Star Academy we have seen many new faces; teachers, P.E. teachers, and new support staff. Ms. Fadel is the new 7th and 8th-grade math teacher Ms. Fadel attended Ohio State University and says she eventually wants to get her Ph.D. Once Ms. Fadel gets her Ph.D., she wants to teach as a college professor. So far her stay in California has been “great!”, her new students in 7th and 8th grade are very enjoyable and she is loving the great weather. Even though Ms. Fadel teaches math for a living, she did not enjoy math during her middle school years of learning. Once she started high school, she started to enjoy math and was taking the top accelerated classes. This is what helped her sway her decision to become a math teacher.

Ms. Fadel originally wanted to teach a lower grade such as fifth-grade or sixth-grade, but then was placed for seventh and eighth-grade in her student teaching. Once she subed a class of seventh and eighth graders she thought that “these are my people, and the kids that I want to teach.” Ms. Fadel really loves the fact that all the teachers will come together, during lunch and talk about how much homework they are going to give, and what kind of projects are happening this week, so we as 8th and 7th graders will not have an absurd amount of homework for that corresponding week.

Math is changing and this means that more homework and classwork will be online. The new CPM curriculum has a lot of online work that most students do not enjoy, but Ms. Fadel believes that it is a good change so we won’t have to carry around large, heavy textbooks in our backpack to and from school. Another plus that Ms. Fadel believes is that it can be accessed anywhere, anytime and you don’t have to worry about forgetting your book at your home. When  asked the question “Do you believe that tests are good for students or just stresses them out too much”, She answered “I think that assessments are good in a summative way, or formal way for me to gauge your understanding individually, because we do a lot of group work” but on the other hand she still believes that the stress is a result of students having multiple tests in one day. On the topic of homework and tests, Ms. Fadel thinks that group work helps you in life by showing you team skills and working with other people in a team.

Ms. Fadel loves California she says “I really, really like the weather and it’s very nice, and the people are great, but the traffic is something I still need to get used to, but I do miss the fact that in Ohio there were four distinct seasons, winter, spring, summer, and fall.” As a new teacher that was quickly recruited as the 8th and 7th-grade math teacher Ms. Fadel could not find a place near North Star, so she has a long commute to Redwood City, but she eventually wants to be able to move closer to North Star to shorten her commute.

We all hope that Ms. Fadel has a great time working at North Star!

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Ms. Fadel, New Teacher On The Block!