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Alex O, Reporter

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Last Year, When Mrs. Greenfield left, we were wondering who will be our new Vice Principal? Here is our answer!


Before coming here to NSA, Mr. Chun taught middle school mostly 6th grade math and science. He was born in South Korea and migrated to the U.S when he was 10 months old. His favorite subjects in school were math and science, and he also liked P.E. Mr. Chun has four kids. The oldest goes to a college in Los Angeles. One is in high school and another in middle. The youngest is a five year old. When Mr. Chun was in fourth grade, he wanted to be a star wars jedi or a teacher.

Mr. Chun said ¨My feeling at North Star is one of respect and appreciation because with my background in working several schools, I can really attest and see what a special school North Star is.”

Mr. Chun wants to change some things. Here at NSA. ¨I want to make sure we have quality enrichment classes and have strong math programs.¨  Mr. Chun wants to tell all of us something.

He said, ¨I love working and helping kids so welcome any of the students to ask me to make their lives better.¨

Mrs. Shakel described Mr. Chun as nice, funny, smart and hard working.  She said, ¨I think he is a great fit for North Star.¨ Anna said that Mr. Chun stays half time at North Star and works half time at another Redwood City School. She thinks it was very good that he signed up. She said, ¨He is learning what North Star is all about. I think he likes North Star. I think Mr. Chun is a great fit for North Star.¨   

Student Zach N. said, ¨He is doing a pretty good job. He is nice and funny. If you want to ask him  to help you, he will try to help you.”

Akiyo A. said, ¨ He is really helpful and I think he is doing a really really good job. He helps people when they need his help most.¨

Mr. Chun was an great and wonderful choice and I think we all agree.


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