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Star Wars The Last Jedi

Alexander Olariu and Martin ’Toole

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          Star Wars The Last Jedi

    By Alexander Olariu and Martin ’Toole


This new Star Wars movie: The Last Jedi, was a real success. People had been dying to see the new movie and on December 16 there it was! However, some people said that it was too long. Did you know that The Last Jedi soars to 745 million dollars worldwide in the time it has been out. During the first month Star Wars Grossed 595 million dollars.

The movie was about Rey going to Luke Skywalker and asking him to help save the galaxy and universe from the First Order which are the bad guys. Rey is a girl who lost her parents and may be the last jedi as shown in the end of the movie. Luke refused but Rey convinces him to train her. The force connects her with Kylo Ren and she tries to bring him back to the light side of the force. Kylo Ren is a Sith Lord which is an evil jedi.

Fourth  grade student TC said, “I thought it was funny/awesome. It was a pretty good movie and I liked the part when Kylo Ren orders all the guns to fire on Luke Skywalker. I think it was like ten minutes longer than the usual Star Wars.”

This was the 8th movie in the Star Wars series not counting Rogue One. Many people would say it was the 9th but Rogue One is just a catch up for how Leia got the plans to defeat the Death Star.  

4th grader Brody G. said, “I liked it a lot but I felt it was really long. My favorite was the last part, the big battle.”  The big battle was the part when Kylo Ren attacked the new Rebel Base.

The movie was special and sort of apart from the other series because they added humor. This totally intervened into making it a real succes.

4th grader Nick H. said,  “It was really long. I can’t tell if this was good or bad but it always seemed like a good ending and it just keeps going. It was funnier.”  

The movie was longer than than most other movies. It was a total of 2 hours and 35 minutes. However, when you add all the commercials in the movie theater it can take more than three hours.

5th grader Tyler Y. said,  “It was a good movie but is very long..”

What will happen next now that we know who is next Jedi and who rules the dark side? Episode 9 is already in work. Sadly, the actress who played Leia died from a heart attack. In the new movie they will not make Leia appear at all. The movie had to be rethinked because of this tragedy. Many questions need answering. And of course, answers lie in front of us. May the force be with you!


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Star Wars The Last Jedi