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Celeste Review

February 12, 2018

What Our New Third Graders Love About NSA

Emilia L, Reporter

October 20, 2017

Filed under Opinion, School News

“I love lockers at NSA!” says Annikah from third grade. Kate says, “All the teachers are really nice!” Third grade changed! Last year there were 82 people; 26 girls and 56 boys. This year,there are 92 kids, with a total of 45 girls and 47 ...

A New Start For an Imaginative Rock Band

Kaitlyn D, Arts and Entertainment Co-Editor

October 16, 2017

Filed under Opinion

This summer the band Imagine Dragons released a new album called Evolve. Fans went into a frenzy of excitement on June 23, the date of release, quickly buying and listening to the band’s first album since 2015 when they relea...

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