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Spirit Days and What People Think About Them

Natalie, Reporter

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Spirit days are a day for bringing color and joy to the school, but some think otherwise. Classes can also earn spirit points for a reward at the end of the year.  Many students feel strongly about sprit days.

On designated Fridays,  everyone dresses up in the category the spirit committee  has chosen. If you are in fourth grade you can sign up for leadership enrichment and you can choose to be on spirit committee.

We have many upcoming spirit days to be excited for.  Many of which are being voted upon right now by Student Council.  Suggestions include things like, career day, twin day, PJ day, dress up as one color day, sports day and more. Excitement is buzzing through the school as the word gets around.

Some people wonder, what is the purpose of spirit days?.  Some think spirit days are to bring spirit to the school, others  though disagree. One student said there are students who like to make  fun of all the classes that lost.

“Personally I think that people are wasting paper. No meaning or purpose with it,” said Amy. “We need to get some white boards so we can draw on that instead, she added.

Opinions vary between positive to negative.  “Spirit days are pretty good. Although, some are kind of unfair. For example, tie-die days. I have no tie-dye and I’m going to go out of my way to buy one.”Akiyo said.

Everyone has  their own opinion. It varies between good and bad. It is our job as a school to make the school a better place for everyone. If you  care enough why not show everyone that spirit days are important to you!

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Spirit Days and What People Think About Them