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Gun Safety

Hudson, Writer

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In light of all the recent school shootings, NSA students have been talking and thinking about what we need to do be safe.  Opinions vary widely.

Eli, a 5th Grader, said “Teachers should be armed with weapons,”  

and added that if a shooter did come on campus, and if they got in a classroom, the teacher would be armed.

On the other hand, some students say that would probably frighten students and might be a waste of money. There might not be any shooters or they won’t go to the classroom- but it still would be a good idea if it happens.

Other students have different opinions. Some believe that there should be an emergency exit.  That would be nice so you could get out of campus but on the top story, there could be a safe room.  

One student suggested that “On the bottom story there could be like a basement sort of thing that the 5th graders and 6th graders could hide in.  

Kalyan, a 5th grader, said: “Every classroom should have a lockdown plan.”  

That would be good even though it would be very rare if a shooter came on to campus and tried to get into a classroom.  

T.C. a 5th grader, said, “That teachers should be prepared.”  

One thing is that there should be is security or body checking, to do things like search backpacks.  That would be good because for one, they would be able to stop a shooter from coming into the school and they could make sure no students had anything to hurt other students.

Our Vice Principal, Mrs. Kekos, said that North Star and other schools have plans for lockdowns which they practice periodically, she also said having students be aware is also good.  Those are really good procedures for our schools protection. Having plans is really good because we now what to do and having students aware is good because know to go to there classrooms and have a lockdown.  

Since the gates are always open, anyone could just walk in here and hurt any students, so closing gates would be a great improvement.  Some people believe we should get an electric gate at the entrance to the parking lot so the teachers could get in without using a key.

Jacob 8th grader says “We should have gun control.”  

That would be a good idea because the chances of a shooter coming would be a lot less and this school would be safer.  Trying to prevent a school shooting is really hard but the chances that it would happen are very small. Jacob added that we could set traps by the school entrances so the shooters would fall in and we could be safe.

Liam, a 6th grader says that there should be guards.  That would be a great because it would prevent school shootings but it could be expensive and what if they shoot  the guards.

There are many ideas, but we all agree that shooters are dangerous and  we should take any measures to make sure no student or staff member is harmed.


4 Responses to “Gun Safety”

  1. HuDson on October 29th, 2018 2:23 pm

    I wrote this story

  2. Nolan on October 31st, 2018 2:47 pm

    you are so awesome

  3. nolan on October 31st, 2018 2:48 pm

    how come the rooster crossed the road?

  4. HuDson on November 5th, 2018 11:23 am

    how, i dont now i definitely dont now this joke, LOL, for those of you that read story’s on this site, me and nolan have a story coming out soon so stay but, this story is going to be great, it is really going to be awesome so see you there

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