A Hero who changed our Hearts

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Martin Luther King was an African-American who truly made the world a better place. He was born 1929, on the14th of January. Back then African-Americans were not treated well. But that did not change the way he thought about the world. He changed many things about the world. He went around making speeches and telling the world to be respectful, to everyone– No matter the color of someone’s skin, or if they are a girl or a boy. We are all the same in different ways. But sadly he was murdered by someone who did not agree with his decisions. So, He assassinated Martin Luther King Jr.

   When we interviewed Mrs. Snyder, a  language arts teacher, said: “He’s someone who told us to strive to be our better selves.” After she said, “He made us look at yourself as a country,” and we changed discrimination”

Many people do great things. But this man took it to a new level. He’s done a lot but now we need to follow his path and finish what he started. Without him, and the things he has changed. We would be living in a world with people who don’t care.

   From him, we have learned a few things. Pay attention to others and find their talent, and find a helpful and peaceful connection, not a negative connection. He educated people in a way that changed the world. But most all, he changed our hearts.

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