The Middle school dance

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The Middle school dance

Henry C. Drake P., Editor

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The middle school dance took place on January 25th, in the auditorium. Most of 6th, 7th and 8th grade showed up. Other schools including Roy Cloud and Clifford also were invited. We went around asking North Star kids ranging from 6th to 8th on how they felt about the dance. The results were very controversial.

Ginger P. 8th grade said, “It was okay, didn’t feel like it was anything special.”  A 7th grader Ben T. shared his opinion “It was horrible, and I didn’t like the music (wasn’t a fan of sicko mode). Shu- Han L. 8th grade “the dance was garbage, horrible”.

Some of the other students felt differently. Kiki 6th grade “It was very good”. Another student, Nate, simply said: “it was ok”. Aidan Nichols responded with “The dance was a Ploopy”.

   We also took a poll asking students how they felt about the dance on a scale of 1-10. The Average score was 5/10 but as you saw earlier the students had strong differing opinions. Surprisingly enough many students did take neutral stances with the most replied score being 5/10 as well. Zachary said 5/10, Kiki 10/10.

One of the most touchy subjects about the dance was how some students got the impression they were not allowed to leave the dance. This is what seemed to cause the students to have negative opinions of the dance. A majority of students we interviewed said this was the reason they disliked the dance.

We asked students ways for the school to improve on the next dance. Many complaints were about music. They felt the dance would have been better if there was a different style of music. Another complaint was that the refreshments were too expensive. $3 for a slice of pizza and $1 for water, in addition to the entrance fee, is expensive for many students. Overall the Middle school dance was not a big hit with older grades since they have experienced dances before. The younger grades thought that this dance wasn’t that bad since this was their first one. Hopefully, the next dance will be even better than the last.


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