The Flu Season

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The Flu Season

Alexander O, Reporter

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The flu season is dangerous. But how? Well for you it might just be high fever, cough and runny nose, but for some people it could mean death. The flu is caused by a virus called influenza.

So let’s cover what the flu can do. After all, don’t you want to know when you have flu?

  1. Feeling dizzy; fever
  2. Loss of appetite
  3. Cough
  4. Mucus
  5. Runny nose or nasal congestion (stuffy nose)
  6. Lymph nodes
  7. Tired
  8. Chills
  9. Body Aches
  10. Sneezing
  11. Sore Throat

In case you were planning to go to school with even only a few of these, think again. You are not permitted to go back to school without having 24 hours of no fever. Reasons: you can pass the flu to others or your flu can get worse. One serious complication that the flu brings is pneumonia which is a disease of the lungs. This complication mainly happens in older people and young infants, and some may even die. Coughs and sneezes are the ways you spread influenza. Don’t spread disease, no close contact, avoid large crowds, and most importantly physical contact.

Doctor Rares O. said, “If someone gets the flu staying home is recommended. By doing so, people may have a fast recovery and avoid spreading the disease to others. Patients should rest (get enough sleep) and drink plenty of fluids like water, tea or fruit juices. Sometimes people may need treatment to relieve or reduce the fever or cough. It is also important to avoid spreading the flu in the house by covering your coughs and sneezes.”

Now, when does the flu strike!? Well, it’s unpredictable. But it mostly starts around October or November. It will last for the next months and the highest rates are usually in February. You should get injected with a flu shot. Children 6 months to 8 years will need exactly two flu shots.The antibodies will take 2-3 weeks to form in your body and protect you. Therefore,you should get injected 2-3 weeks before October. But don’t think the flu is a petty disease. It could be quite deadly.

To avoid disease beside getting vaccinated, you should always wash your hands (*cough, cough*) and eat a lot of vitamin C. Staying away from large crowds during the flu season is quite important. You never know who could have the flu. If you went outside (in the cold air) while you had the flu…… well let’s just say you’re not the smartest. The chance of developing more serious flu/disease in the cold air increases.

The moment you see signs of flu, contact a doctor. These are professionals who know what to do. They will give you medicines that might just save your life. Keep healthy and most importantly, STAY ALIVE!!!!!


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