The New Ball Shed System

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The New Ball Shed System

Mason M., Reporter

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Losing balls at North Star Academy is a problem and has been for a long time. Ms. Shackel the principal at North Star said,

    “I open up the door, the kids  sign their name and ball out, and at the end of recess, they have to return the ball and cross out their name.” This rule has been in place for quite a while. North Star Academy has a new ball shed because they are losing balls and the P.E. room is under construction. Coach Aaron who recently left said,

    “It saves money by not loosing equipment,” but Ms. Shackel said, and added,  “I don’t like it because I have to do it.”

Different people think the ball shed should have different improvements. Ms. Shackel said they should improve by,

    “Having students run it.”

Toby, a fourth grader, said they should improve the variety of balls.”

Sumera another fourth grader said,

    “They should probably use pen, because they could erase it (their names).”

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