Cookie Crumbles Under Environmental Pressure

Nathan, Writer

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Ms. Cooper, the fifth grade science and language arts teacher, led a workshop at the Festival of Science called “Cookie Mining.”  We started by learning about fossil fuels and what harm they do to the environment and the living things around the habitat. We then were asked to draw a habitat that had no previous impact by human life and was untouched by any non natural thing. At the start of the workshop I asked a few students about their thoughts about this workshop and what they were excited for.

Harrison K. said “Cause I like cookies and Ms. Cooper is a really nice teacher, also I’m interested in this topic.”

Anesh G. said “I am excited because I get a cookie.”

We then were given our cookie. Everyone was smelling it and was hungry to devour the cookie and eat it whole.

After, we were given instructions to try to “mine” the cookie. This means to use a toothpick to take the chocolate chips out of the cookie and see what impact it had on the cookie. As it turned out, the cookie crumbled and was destroyed, along with the environment, all of the animals died. Next, we watched a video about mining and what kind of different mining techniques there are. Since we had time left over, we went outside and played on the basketball courts or playground.

Ms. Cooper’s workshop helped people understand the effects of mining and why we should limit our usage of fossil fuels. Many people were impressed by this workshop and were concerned by this horrid problem. Some even agreed to use renewable energy later on in their lives.

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