The Return of a Retired Teacher

Ryan R and Teddy O

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Mrs. Lozano, favorite teacher of many NSA students, came back for the festival of science fair after retiring last year. Many students wanted her workshop, ¨Put it to the Test¨ as their first pick  for a workshop. Only a handful of students were picked,. The classrooms may have been full of sounds like, “Lucky!” or “Ahhhhhhh…” or “what!?” when someone got ¨Put it to Test¨ as one of their two workshops.   

Many students were glad and happy to see the legendary teacher back.  Mrs Lozano said,” The best part is seeing my old students and convincing them to love science.” When the students got to the old science lab, the first few minutes were spent settling in and catching up with Mrs. Lozano. Next, students listened to a science talk about matter, surface tension, and much more. Then, Mrs. Lozano showed the students an experiment about matter using a cardboard box and marbles.

At last came, the workshop favorite;  students made silly putty out of different ingredients you could find in your house. Next, another classroom favorite, Mrs. Lozano made the only 3rd grader in the workshop sit in a large garbage bag because they did not get to really meet Mrs. Lozano, (The garbage bag was clean) and sucked the air out of the bag with a vacuum. Many students  remember this from third grade. Next, they made giant bubbles and learned more about surface tension. They used hoola hoops and “bubble wands” (straws with strings). Many students remember this from third grade as well. There were many laughs, smiles, oohs, and aahhs. But sadly at 10:30 they had to clean up. Mrs. Lozano’s Put it to the Test was a favorite because of it’s fun and old experiments, but most importantly, Mrs. Lozano.

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