KNSA: Following North Star’s Morning News Channel

Idan, Reporter

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North Star Academy has a very well known morning news channel called KNSA. Its job is to relay and inform the announcements for the week to the students of NSA. The morning announcements used to be done over the speaker in the office which is located in every classroom. Due to this being very impractical, the system was changed to a video which displays the announcements.


“Keeping the order inside of KNSA,” director Max N. is responsible for the rapid success of this news channel. This job is not as simple as you might think. Requiring the perfect balance of a leader, and people skills makes Max perfect for the job. The responsibilities of a KNSA director are as follows: such person needs to make sure that videos get out on time, they need to help others with their jobs. Another big factor that helps max out is his seniority. He is almost at his two year mark being in KNSA for 6 school trimesters.


“I clean up the raw footage to shorten the video to point,” Gabriel P. 8th grader at North Star Academy edits the videos for the school to view. He shares this role with the other editor Connor W. and has edited over 30 videos so far. They are the most experienced editors that the news channel has and has one of the more difficult jobs. The editors job is cleaning up raw footage, choosing the image for the green screen, and make sure the video is successful. They hold a crucial role for NSA’s news channel and without them KNSA would be in trouble.


“My job is to tell the anchors what to say by writing the script.” Sharing the script writing role with Yotam S., script writer Paige R. plays a vital role in the news channel. The script writing job sounds fairly simple however a lot is required to complete it thoroughly. The script writers have to take all the announcement forms that are filled out, and add them to the script. Every 2-4 days one script is finished, leading to around 2-3 minutes of film every video. If there were no script writers KNSA would not be as profoundly successful as it is right now.


The “right hand man of KNSA,” floor manager and North Star 8th grader Zachary N. is a key member in the KNSA system. He takes care of anything and everything outside of the KNSA room. He is the one who created the job and sustained it for three trimesters. One of the more senior KNSA crew members right behind director Max N. he has been doing this job for three trimesters. He fetches things from the office and finds guest speakers from other enrichments. This job is vital and nobody is more fit for it than Zach.


Two people appear on camera twice a week to inform North Star Academy about the weekly news. Tessa M. and Russell L. have one of the most important roles. They have to look at the camera while talking about the announcements while reading the script. “We are the ones that are on camera, were practically the outlets of the news channel.” If there were no Anchors all of the efforts off all other roles in KNSA would be fruitless.


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