Fifth Grade Gets Some Culture at the Symphony

Jose and Nathan

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In March, the fifth grade North Star students went to the San Francisco Symphony at Davies Symphony Hall in the pouring rain. The fifth grade rarely have this trip and it is a honour to go to a fancy location. The fifth graders were lucky enough to get front row seats which must have costed an arm and  leg. Most fifth graders said that their parents forced them them to dress nicely

Some students didn’t like parts of the field trip. Maverick Y. said the music was “boring.”

But Ms. Cooper, the fifth grade science/writing teacher said that “it was not all that bad since we sat so close to the event.”

Harrison K. said his least favorite part was that “it was raining and we were stuck outside for a long time.” He also said that “we were forced to stay in our groups and we were not allowed to move around and socialize with our friends.”

Most of the said Davies Symphony Hall was massive but Ms.Cooper said “it was smaller than I remembered, but it was still big.”

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