Egg Drop was a Smashing Success!

Rhys, Alyce, and Kate

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During the Festival of Science there were many fun and interesting workshops but one that really stands out is Mr. Haveys workshop, Egg Drop. During this workshop you learned how to spend your money wisely and create safe contraptions letting an egg, drop down from the second story building window and land safely without cracking.

First we got into groups by table the tables were red green, blue, yellow and orange. Then we thought about what supplies we needed to buy and filled out a sheet with all of the prices. Each team got 100 “Doll Hairs” or “Havey Dollars” to spend on supplies. Like one foot of string, paper and clips which was all 2 dollars, balloons were $10, a book of paper was 20 dollars, tape was 1 dollar an inch. Some successful groups were, the “Non-Yolks”, the “Eggcellent 5th Graders”, and the “Egg Masters”. We also watched a video, showing scientists landing the “Mars Rover”. Those scientists used the egg to see what they would need to do to land the Rover correctly.


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