Big Changes Slated For RWC Schools Next Year

Rhys and Alyce

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The district is closing four elementary schools in an urge to save $4 million by the next year. Schools are moving locations, losing teachers, and merging with other schools.Many ask why this is happening? But the real question is, will this affect North Star, and how?

“I wish that it were an option not to close schools, but we can’t run in the red. We must right-size our district. If we don’t, the county and state will do it for us.” said the Redwood City’s Superintendent John Baker, as a response to the emotional parents and students afraid of losing their school. Because schools are closing, teachers are left without a job. North Star will have to drop teachers based on seniority (A privileged position earned by reason of longer service or higher rank). One teacher affected by this is Ms. Cooper. Other teachers plan to retire or leave the district to help make room for displaced teacher. North Star may lose a few teachers but that is nothing compared to what other schools are going through. Schools like Hawes, Fair Oaks Elementary, Adelante and Orion, are closing next year. Many parents who have children going to one of the four unlucky schools don’t have cars or cannot drive and specifically chose the school their child attends so they would not have to drive. Now, they may have to resort to charter schools because they offer free transportation but charter schools take money away from public schools.

Though North Star seems to be shielded,we will not be safe forever. In the next year the district will form a committee to examine North Star to make recommendations for what should happen in our future. Some people have strong feelings against North Star because they say we are eletist and take many of the good students out of the other schools. Other people admire North Star and say that all schools in Redwood City should have what we have here.  The question of what to do about North Star remains to be determined…

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