Plants From Another Planet

Tyler, Editor

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Have you ever wondered if plants grew on another planet? Well in the Festival of Science workshop, Alien Plants, led by Ms. Martin, the students figured out that plants really weren’t growing on other planets, but they did learn many new things about succulents and cacti. “I created this workshop because I am a botanist and I wanted students to learn something new and ask questions by taking something home.” Ms. Martin the teacher who ran this workshop said. Ms. Martin just used the name Alien Plants to lure in students to take this workshop. Ï created this workshop just to lure you guys in.” Ms. Martin started the class off with.

The first 45 minutes or so of this workshop was spent learning about succulents and cacti from a special presentation made by Ms. Martin. The definition of a succulent is, “A plant with thick leaves, stems, or roots to retain moisture”. Did you know a cactus is a succulent, but a succulent is not necessarily a cactus. In order to be a cactus, a succulent must have a areole. Trachyandra, Crassula Umbrellas(wine cups), Euphorbia Obesa(baseball plant) and many other succulents were included in this fact filled presentation. For example, the Euphorbia Obesa could save your life because you just have to slice it open properly and you could get a lot of moisture and liquid.

The second part of the class was spent making terrariums with different succulents that the students could actually take home. The terrariums were in a little glass jar with rocks at the bottom, special succulent soil for the second layer and the succulents with decoration on the top. Now you´re probably thinking why are the succulents on the top and the answer is because they do not have roots yet. Ms. Martin gave the students the trimmings of succulents and the students took care of the succulents. The succulents were called pork and beans, and campfire. The pork and beans were called that because the plant had little bean liked leaves with brown tips. The campfire was nicknamed this because, in the sun the plant would turn red like a fire.

“My favorite part was building the terrariums.” stated Ben M. “I liked taking Ben´s plants.” replied Ben M. another student in this workshop.

Brendan another student said “I liked throwing rocks in Ben´s terrarium.”. The terrariums stayed in Ms. Martin’s room until the end of the day when the students could pick them up. This enrichment was a big hit for all who attended this workshop during Festival of Science.

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