NSA’s Got Talent!

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NSA’s Got Talent!

Ethan, Reporter

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Every year, North Star hosts a talent show at the end of the year to show other people how much talent the students at NSA have. In the third grade act, third graders participate in a big performance for part of the show. Others acts, are often performed with only one or two other people. This year, fourth graders will perform a special act for the audience.

A fourth grader named Hannah G. is a gymnast. She also does horseback riding and ballet. Last year Hannah did the third grade act. Her role was a gymnastics routine with her best friend Lizzy N. This year, she will be playing the piano. “The talent show is fun and I enjoy it because I like performing,” Hannah explained.

A fourth grader named Lizzy N. is also a gymnast.  She takes part in school plays and is in fourth grade. Lizzy also took part in the third grade act last year and did a gymnastics routine with her best friend Hannah G. This year, she will be acting alone and playing the song Naughty in the musical Matilda. Lizzy said that, “You get to act and do whatever you want.”

Another fourth grader, Lyla K. is also a gymnast who plays the flute. Last year, Lyla was in the third grade act and did a gymnastics routine by herself. Lyla this year will be playing the flute, alongside her best friend Ethan C. who will be doing hip hop dance routine. Lyla explained that “The talent show is fun because I like to show off my skills.”

Ms. Shackel said,  “I like that different kids have different talents and are brave enough to act in front of a audience.” Then she added. “The talent show is a good way to end the year,”

Beth Nowell, the person in charge of the whole talent show, announced that the talent show will take place on June 4, 2019. No act can be longer than 3-4 minutes.

“Make sure to practice, practice, and practice.”she said.

When asked about the talent show Nowell said, “It is such a great opportunity to showcase North Star’s talented students.” The talent show tryouts are hoping to be after school or during lunch May 13 and May 14.

Many students are excited about the talent show and are looking forward to impressing their friends and showing off their talents. Most students have different and interesting talents. Sitting in the auditorium watching students go through their hard worked for talents is a joy for many students. The different range of talents here at North Star Academy is one of the few things that make North Star such a great school.  

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