Guess The Teacher

Alexander, Reporter

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Hey, let’s play a little game! It’s called guess the teacher! I am going to give you a few facts and you have to guess the teacher! The answer will be listed at the bottom of the paragraph. Are you ready? Well, if you are still reading, then let’s start.

Which teacher can speak two African languages? Which teacher was a dress up messenger. That means that they dress as a cookie, and then knock on kids’ doors when it is their birthday? Who used to be a newspaper reporter before he or she transferred to teaching? Got your guess in mind?  Well keep it there cause I’m going to list some more facts, for a different teacher! Don’t forget your guess!

Ok, ready for the next stream of facts? If yes, then let’s get going! Which teacher lived in 13 African countries? Which teacher’s favorite word is sequipadalion? Which teacher has been teaching for 18 years? Which teacher knows how to speak in Greek? Which teacher owns a bird? These facts should give you pretty good idea of who is the teacher!

Now for the moment! The first teacher is…. Ms. Snyder! Now you probably know this teacher… the second teacher is …. Ms. Frazier! If you had fun doing this little game, and are interested in having a sequel, maybe YOU can suggest it to the Newspaper Enrichment! Hope you had fun, and if you really like it, you can try and make your own!

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