Lunch Clubs

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Lunch Clubs

Alex, Reporter

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As you may know, there are lunch clubs going around. Some to list are the Elementary Art Club, the Minecraft Club, the Scary Stories Club, the Magic Club and much more. The Clubs are meant for kids who want to share and discuss their interests with other kids who share it It’s a fun way to make friends and to do a hobby you love. Here are some quotes on the subject of lunch clubs.

Alex L., a 5th grader said, “I think it’s waste of time, just sitting there. You need exercise and fresh air. If I was to join a club, I would join the Arts/Crafts one. There should be a Fortnite club.” Each lunch club has it’s special subject. For example, in Scary Stories, you just create your own story (mostly scary as said in the title). Another example is the Trash Club. I bet you can guess what they do! They pick up trash. This Club was made to help North Star with the trash problems. The Magic Club is hosted by Ms. Snyder, to play the card game: Magic. People who prefer not to play outside and love Magic or play Magic outside but then the cards get blown away go up to Ms. Snyder’s room at lunch, on Wednesdays.

Noah F. said; “They are okay, but only because I wish I could sit on the blacktop and eat. I would join the Looming Club. I like it because you have the choice to not go or to go and make long ropes.”

Those were some positive and negative quotes on the subject of lunch clubs. lunch clubs are as, using Noah’s words may be in some people’s opinion fun and exciting while using Alex’s words, some could say it is a waste of time and there are better things to do. Some lunch club’s were even made after games; take for example Minecraft and Magic.

Nathan B. said, “I don’t go to lunch clubs because I am to busy playing my sports. The Minecraft Club is my favorite, though. Minecraft Club is for awesome people. Minecraft is the best game. If you don’t like Minecraft.”

As said before, some don’t go to the lunch club’s due to negative opinion, but towards the fact of having something else they consider more important, or even ‘mandatory’. Some consider hobbies an essential.

The lunch clubs, some created by students, are for people who don’t like to be playing sports or just like making friends around other subjects such as Looming and Art. They are in some people’s opinion great or in other’s opinion, a waste of time.

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