Monterey Field trip

Emma D and Lucas K

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The Monterey State Historic Park is a place you will go in the fourth grade.  We go there to learn about life on a mexican Ranch in early California. On the field trip, students learn to make a cool rope with the group you’re in.  they also get to make games and play a marble game with classmates. Some other things they get to do are making their own tortillas, embroidering a flower on a piece of burlap, and stamping a piece of leather to make a bookmark.  

Mingyan Z., a 4th grader said, “Well, I liked making bookmarks and stamping the leather.”  there were all kinds of stamps to stamp the leather with. there were letters, picture stamps like flowers, and lots of other kinds, too.       

One of the fourth grade teachers who went there had a lot of interviewers from the newspaper lab.  When we asked what he learned from the field trip he said, “Never let those newspaper kids interview me again!”

On the way back, we made a quick stop at the San Juan Bautista mission.  We got to see lots of rooms there, like the cemetery (even though that’s not really a room.)  We also got to see the church. That was all that we had time for. After we were done, we got back in the bus and headed back to school.  Kids love the field trip and we recommend going on it.

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