Save The World With EQ

Alexander, Reporter

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For Festival of Science, Ms. Roth’s room hosted the Save The World With EQ workshop. During this workshop, they started off by talking about mindfulness. They discussed what it means to be mindful. They watched several videos of people, such as snowboarding finals. Then they watched the Endgame trailer. They then were sent to make a company, and to save the word. Then they had to create a superhero to do something to save the world. Here are some quotes from people in this workshop.

“Good learning experience for kids, but I think they could have made it a little more entertaining. My favorite part was making the superheroes with different materials.” said Nolan F.

They were given certain materials and they must build their superheros. Their materials were string, tape, beads, wires, scizzors, bottle caps, cookie clickers, small foam presents, foam bodies, and wine corks.

“It was kind of medicor, because literally we spent the whole time watching a presentation and then when we got to the activity, we did not have time to finish it. My favorite part was the end. Please never do this workshop again.” said Eli M.

The workshop was meant for them to make a startup company, which does something to help the world. Then the person who was leading the workshop would approve your idea and you would be in the imaginary world of other startup companies. They created their super hero, which would be like a mascot to their company, and that superhero was to do something to help the companies plan. The plan’s were like, hunger, pollution and smoking.

“It was pretty boring, we learned about pollution and other things that we already knew. My favorite part was getting to watch the Endgame trailer.” said Noah F.

Everyone has different opinions. Some think it was good, other’s neutral and others just bad. The workshop was meant to show kids that they can start saving the world, even now. We have to change the world, which was the message.

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