Intrepid Reporters Cover all the Doings on All Day Enrichment!

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Intrepid Reporters Cover all the Doings on All Day Enrichment!

Alexander, Reporter

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Many may have heard of Newspaper Lab. Yeah, that Enrichment that post stories about what happens around NSA on this website. On All Day Enrichment reporters fanned out throughout the school and covered many of the exciting field trips and activities that students participated in.  It is time to find out what they actually did.

Some students, the editors, stayed in the classroom waiting for reporters to return and work on their stories.  They played Monopoly and had a potluck lunch.

“It’s a good learning experience and it will help you very much when you get into higher grades. I would go back in Newspaper Lab, but not for many trimesters in a row.” said Noah F.

First, before All Day Enrichment,reporters signed up for which enrichment class the wanted to cover on  Enrichment. If the Enrichment was going on an field trip, they has to get a permission slip so they could go with them. On the trip, reporters whipped out their notebooks and conducted interviews about the experience.  They had to take many notes and then when they came back from the field trip they had to write their story. Some students covered enrichments that were staying on campus. The reporters visited their class and did interviews and took notes.

Rhys R. said, “If you have really really good writing skills and if you love talking and interviewing people, then this will be good Enrichment for you.”

At lunch, people who weren’t on a field trip brought food for the potluck. They ate and then they watched some cartoons.

Newspaper Lab is a fun Enrichment, and even though it may sound boring, just writing stories, it is really cool.

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