Leadership Enrichment

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Leadership Enrichment

Nathan, Reporter

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For full day enrichment, the Leadership enrichment stayed at North Star Academy and had a potluck. The main focus for them was making field day as fun as possible. At the beginning of full-day enrichment, Mrs. Robinson introduced a marvelous idea, blowing up a twelve-foot beach ball for field day. The kids raced outside to blow up the balloon. Little did they know this will take up almost half a day.


The students took turns blowing up the balloon with a pump. They worked hard blowing up the huge balloon and it took hours for them to finish the long hard expedition. Meanwhile, students from Leadership enrichment were running around the field and playing amongst themselves.


“The balloon can be blown up to 12 feet but we only blew it up to 9 feet,” said Mrs. Robinson the teacher for Leadership enrichment. Many students in her class enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with other students to make field day as good as possible.

“(Enrichment is) Really fun because we get to experience what will happen at field day and we can be a part of it,” said Harrison K. Field day this year is going to be great because the Leadership enrichment collected a lot of money from fundraisers and will most use most of it on field day.

“It’s a very good learning experience, you get to learn a lot and you get to experience working on field day,” said Nolan F.

At lunchtime, the beachball that they blew up was very popular and many kids chased after it. The ball was kicked around and students were running after it. Anybody who was in the way of the ball was expected to move so the ball can keep rolling. Sadly, after lunch, the ball was deflated and the Leadership enrichment could not play with the ball by themselves.


Leadership enrichment has committed themselves to making field day the best time of your life. They share ideas about possible games and have class discussions. If field day goes as planned, you can expect that Field day will be the best time of your life.  

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