Kate, Ethan, and Mason

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Mr Havey’s Scratch for All class went to the San Jose Tech Museum of Innovation for All Day Enrichment. When they got there, they dropped off their backpacks and were divided into three groups. THen they put the groups into activities.  Their main activity was drawing and creating a playground which you could see in virtual reality in the Abbott Activity Center.

Then we were asked to think about people who can’t do certain things so we changed two things on the playground and replaced them with things that disabled people could do so they could play on it. In group one they first did virtual reality then they headed to human body room.

After that we traveled downstairs to a room where there were legos and you could make an animal and download it onto a screen. There were also interacting activities, an earthquake simulator, and a space area. In group two they first went to the human body parts exhibit where bodies and ligaments are on display and screens show muscles. Next we went to reboot reality which is basically virtual reality without goggles. After that, we went to the living colors lab where you grow bacteria and take an already grown bacteria and put it in a machine which tells the colors of the bacteria and which new colors you discover.

Then they went to the Abbott Activity Center and thent to the earthquake simulator and fooled around in that area. Because we were hungry we went to lunch after that. At the end, we went to social robots which is building robots out of electronic blocks. Then we went back to North Star with everybody else.  

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