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Lucas and Emma

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Mrs. Ban really has a great enrichment called Geo Math!  On full day enrichment, she took her enrichment class to the Stanford Art Museum and for the whole day, they stayed there and had a good time.  Before they went there, they had a free breakfast (provided by Mrs. Ban) of bagels, fruit, and orange juice. Then they did art, in which they sowed with needle and thread with white string and black paper. Then they took the train to the Stanford museum.  Then they walked a mile to the museum. ”It is art mixed with history and is very interesting,” says Isabelle l. (about the museum). Many people in the enrichment liked it.

At the museum, they saw many different paintings and sculptures of people and objects and even got to watch a show about some pieces which were weird funky space music that was supposed to inspire the artists. Then they went to see some sculptures of people made from stone.  Most of them are probably historic, and probably very valuable.

After looking at sculptures, they went downstairs (there are 2 floors) and looked at paintings.  There were lots of old and historical paintings, and some of them were of the Stanford family (wow!).  It turns out that the school Stanford was created in the memory of Leland Jr. Stanford after he died of sickness by his parents.   ” from a dreadful loss to a lasting institution,” it says on one of the walls in the Stanford family room.

When they finished looking at the paintings, they went outside to the gates of something(the opposite of heaven) and ate lunch.  After they finished their lunches they played, and then it was time to go back.

They were walking to the train station, and then they realized that if they didn’t hurry, they would be late.  Everybody ran as hard as they could, and they reached the train station and had about 45 seconds left, and they were on the wrong side.  They all headed for the ”tunnel” to the other side. But by the time the first peoples got there the doors closed.

After they (“they” being the adults mostly) realized it would not be possible to get back in time on train, they looked for other ways.  They finally found a bus that would take them somewhere near North star, and took that. They walked back to North star and had oreo cookies and fruit.  They were going to have ice cream, but there wasn’t enough time, so they decided to have that on the last day of enrichment. Then it was time to go home.  What an eventful day!

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