Study Hall Students Tour the RWC Library and Downtown Eateries!

Teddy, Reporter

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Mr. Robinson’s Study hall enrichment went downtown for all day enrichment.  The enrichment spent about 50 minutes getting settled in and waiting for chaperones, as well as talking about what they were looking forward for during the day. Next, they walked to the front of the school and got sorted into groups.

The walk was filled with smiles and not one person was bothered by the wet and cold weather, Logan said, “I think the weather could change our schedule, but not a lot, like force us to spend more time in the library but that’s it.”    

When the enrichment  got to the library they went up to the teen center, they learned what the library had in store for them, what the website can do for them, and all the things you can do with a library card. After, they spent ten minutes playing games on the computers. They then looked at books. “ I had been looking forward to looking at books all day,” said Arjun.

By the time they were done  it was about time for lunch. The most popular choice seemed to be, Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Which the students paid for with the $10-$15 they brought.  After, one group went to get boba and then went back to the library to play games.

Then all groups were required to go back to Sequoia Station to walk back to NSA, but first they got one last stop, Jamba Juice. The walk back was warm and sunny and problem free. The enrichment  got back around 2:50 p.m. Mr. Robinson said, “ I just love doing this,” he said. Mr. Robinson’s study hall and a blast downtown for all day enrichment.

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