Toss That Terrible Trash!

Nickita, Reporter

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Trash was a big problem last year. Ms. Shackel is hoping that there will not be a trash problem this year. “The crows are coming but the seagulls are still not here,” she said.
This year there is not that much trash because the yard duty and teachers are very strict this year. The school has made a new punishment. If you do something against school rules you have to pick up a bag worth of trash during lunch.
Ms. Robinson says “There is a trash problem every year.” The trash problem always happens in the middle of the year, so the school has much to hope for.
Colby, from 5th grade, says “People drop their trash because they’re too lazy or careless. ” Colby also thinks that there should be an eco club. You could collect trash for prizes!
Student council Vice-President Danny, in 8th grade, says that the leadership enrichment will definitely face the trash problem.

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