Mrs. Desmas: a Great Addition to Our 3rd Grade Team!

Hannah S, Reporter

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Mrs. Desmas is the new third grade teacher. She has been teaching for ten years, four of which were professional. Before teaching at North Star she taught at Selby Lane. She enjoys teaching subjects combined such as math mixed with art and science. Very soon, the new third graders will get to play musical instruments. Afterwards, they will look at the science behind them and do an art project following that. Mrs. Desmas loves to work with kids and enjoys the flexibility of teaching. Mrs. Desmas said that she is happy to be at North Star and she is looking forward to a good school year.

Mrs. Desmas is the favorite of many students. Lucia, a girl in her class said, “She helps us a lot when you don’t know the answer to a problem.”
Andres, another 3rd grader in her class said, “She lets you have extra time to do stuff if you don’t finish it.” He also likes that Mrs. Desmas gives awards when you are good and he says that she is super nice. They all agree that she has great ways of teaching as Steffen, also a 3rd grader said, “She is strict in a good way, but nice.”
In Mrs. Desmas’ childhood, she wasn’t allowed in the kitchen often because her mother was a cook and preferred her to stay out of the way. Because of this, she struggled later on with making food. But now cooking is something Mrs. Desmas loves to do and has greatly improved on. She has lived in all the states on the West Coast. Right now, she lives close by. She went to college at the University of Oregon and got her teaching credential at UCSB (University of California), Santa Barbara.

Science fiction is her favorite genre of books. Three of her favorites are Dune by Frank Herbert, War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells, and Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula Le Guin. Mrs. Desmas said, “I like science fiction novels because they transport you to another world.” Michelle Obama is Mrs. Desmas’ favorite role model because she focuses on education and womens’ rights. In her free time she likes to sew, go to bookstores, do photography, and paint with watercolors. She was self taught in all of those areas.

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