The most Experienced Teacher at North Star

Nickita, Reporter

Mrs. Snyder has been here longer than any other teacher. She has taught many classes of students. She started working at a newspaper in the 1980s but then the internet appeared so newspapers became less common. Mrs Snyder wanted to stay in the same city as her husband so she became a teacher and went to work at a school called Taft in Redwood City. One of the challenges she faced was a student who rarely did his homework. One day the boy went into the classroom with his homework fully done and burned it inside the classroom. Mrs. Snyder has faced many other challenges but this one she will remember forever.
When North Star started, Mrs. Snyder joined North Star was called the Academic Magnet School). She started teaching fifth grade in room 142 then joined Mrs. Lozano in 3rd grade after her children were born. When the state got rid of small class size in grades K-3, she moved up to the 4th grade. Presently, she teaches 5th grade, back in room 142 where she started. She joined North Star because โ€œI like working with gifted students.โ€ Mrs Snyder plans to retire in 4 or 5 years.