New changes happening at Northstar!

Liam, Reporter

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Shocking new changes coming to Northstar.
Ms. Shackel is going to make classes harder and more advanced for new students and advanced kids. We are merging the “We can be a change enrichment” and the “Leadership” enrichment to make the “We are leaders” enrichment. We are also allowing Spanish speaking families to Northstar so you might find some mexican and spanish families here.
You might have noticed the new vice principal, Ms. Rubio. If you need or want to talk to Ms. Rubio she will be in either the cafeteria or playground at recess. She will be greeting everyone with Ms. Shackel at the flag salute each morning. Ms. Rubio will be making sure the enrichment runs smoothly. She will be open to any ideas that you want to share.
The teachers are trying to know as many or more people at the school then they already did. Since students aren’t finding enough difficulty in their classes, the teachers are making them more difficult. The teachers will try to solve these problems in the following year. All in all, these are the new changes coming to the school and they will make a great addition to our NSA community.

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