Published Author Comes to teach at North Star!

Lily and Liza

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Gwen Minor, the new 4th grade teacher has been teaching since 1995 and has taught at many different schools before. It has been her dream to come here. “I love North Star…” she exclaimed.
Before teaching at NSA, she taught at at Fair Oaks, Clifford, and 10 years at Catholic schools. One of her students, Noah R, says, “I like her.” Most of her students say she is nice and strict. “Really nice but really hard at the same time.” says Carys R, a student in her homeroom.
Her favorite subject is teaching English. “It’s so chock full of other languages.” Her favorite food is ice cream and brussel sprouts. She loves all animals, but especially deer and birds. She said her favorite creatures are mythical ones like the pegasus.
Mr. Havey, the 4th grade science teacher likes working with her and she comes with a lot of experience. “…a very caring person…” He says she loves Shakespeare, she has written a book that has been published, and she has been in the local news! “…extremely passionate…” All the 4th grade teachers get along well, and all of them agree that Gwen Minor is an excellent addition to the 4th grade team.

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