3rd Grade Feedback

Jade and Megan

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The 3rd graders may be new to North Star but they have a lot of opinions about what’s going on. Six 3rd graders named Sara, Lucy, Josie, Cristopher, Owen, and Nicole, were interviewed, two of them in each of the three classes at NSA. Sara said,”I really like the teachers because they are super nice.”
When asked what she liked best about North Star, Lucy answered, “What I like best about North Star is all of my friends are here.”
Josie said, “I would like to have more time to work because we don’t get a lot of time to do that in 3rd grade.”
Cristopher said he would also like to see some changes.”The bathrooms are always dirty, I would like to improve those.”
Owen said he thinks Mckinley and NSA need to be “more separated.”
Most of the comments were positive. Nicole declared” I rate North Star a 10 out of 10, because everyone is nice and North Star is just awesome.”
So far the 3rd graders are having a good experience here.

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