Meet the New Student Council


Ronnesa and Sharad

Changes are coming to our school, and the student council is working on it. Last June, Megan, Danny, Savannah, and Millie were elected as our student council officers for this year. The new student council plans on accomplishing several things during the course of this year. They have planned ahead for this year; things that will definitely make the school a better place.
Eighth grader Megan, president of student council, wants to make the school a better place and more fair by trying to install some backpack hooks for the 7th and 8th grade building. Megan says, “I want to teach the students to have more respect towards the facility,”. Cleaning up after ourselves, and picking any trash we see can help towards this goal. She is also working on making more ideas for spirit days and making spirit days more fun in general.
Eighth grader Danny, vice president, is currently working on the Halloween parade and on the middle school dances. Danny also mentioned that the student council is working on assigning tables to different lunch groups. Danny believes “ The student council has the power, we just need the initiative,”. Danny also wants to apply more rules. He claims “North Star never really had a strict rule set”.
Adam, an 8th grader in North Star, says, “ I think Danny is the best vice president this school has ever had,” Danny also mentioned that he wants the ball room to be improved, and have a better system.
Sixth grader Millie, the treasurer, wants to make North Star a more fun. Millie has a good idea of what will make the school a better place. “I want to make North Star more welcoming to the 3rd Graders,” Millie says, this is a very good idea. As well as Megan, Millie is working on brainstorming ideas about spirit days and making them more memorable. Millie says, “ I have an idea to make prizes for spirit days, every trimester instead of once a year,”. Instead of racking up points to get a prize at the end of the year, instead we rack up points for a prize every trimester.
Sixth grader Savannah, the secretary, is working on lots of important ideas. Savannah says, “ We are trying to get more charity involvement in this school,”. Savannah is also helping to make spirit day heard and known ahead of time. Savannah also has plans of changing or tweaking the poetry challenge a little bit. Savannah says, “ We might change the poetry challenge.” The ideas that Savannah has sound exciting and we cannot wait for the changes that are coming to this school.
The student council officers have many ideas of how to change this school for the better. All of their ideas sound super fun and exciting and will help for this school for the better. They are all looking forward to working together. Savannah says, “Yes, I am looking forward to working with the student council, it is going to be super fun,”. North Star Academy is in good hands.