Cafeteria Ratings

Emma, Reporter

What do you think — is the food good or bad in the cafeteria? Is it clean or messy? Stick around to find out! First, I interviewed the lunch workers. According to the lunch workers people say the food is good, the lunch workers say that everyone they’ve talked to has told them that their food is excellent. They also think that their hot lunch is at the right price:three dollars!
One of the reasons people like it, is that you have many options to choose from for your lunch. They also like the price because you can get as much food as you want for only three dollars.
Riley H. a 4th grader said, “The food is not that good”. One thing that she likes is, “The cafeteria’s cleanliness is better than last year.” Riley also said, “I would like to add pasta to their menu”. She thinks the food is worth $3, and she likes that the lunch workers are nice.
Sophie P. another 4th grader said, “I like their nachos, but other than that, their food is disgusting.” She thinks that the cafeteria is pretty clean. Sophie would like it if they added lasagna. She agrees with the lunch workers that the food is worth three dollars.
Maddison H., a 4th grader said, “Their food is better than last year”. Maddison added that she does not like their salad. She also thinks there should be two vegetarian options, since she is a vegetarian. She thinks chili would be a good addition to their menu. Maddison likes that the lunch workers are nice.
Lucy T. a 4th grader thinks the food is good. She says, “The cafeteria is very clean, but sometimes it smells odd.” She would like it if mashed potatoes were on the menu. She thinks the food should be a tiny bit more expensive. Lucy thinks that four dollars would be a good price for hot lunch. Overall, many people have differing opinions about the cafeteria, but they can agree that that the food has improved from last year and will continue to do so.