Mixed Thoughts on the Enrichments

Mason, Reporter

Different people have many different opinions on the enrichment’s at NSA. Most of the kids that were interviewed don’t think any enrichment’s should be added, but they do have some opinions on the ups and downs of the current classes.
Kaeyur, a fifth grader in the basketball enrichment said,“I like how you can play basketball the whole time and get better.” Kaeyur dislikes nothing in his enrichment. But he thinks they should add a flag football enrichment. Christian, a fourth grader feels the same way about adding a flag football enrichment.
Ethan F said he liked that he could code all enrichment in the Javascript enrichment. Brian, an 8th grader thought the same thing but he thought some of it was a little complicated.
Ethan C, who is in Mr. Duncan’s travel enrichment class said, “I love traveling and this enrichment involves traveling and I like to learn a lot about cities and you get to create a tour guide to persuade people to go on the tour guide.” But he also said, “It’s a little hard to find the restaurant, the prices, and the places to stay.” Ethan says the school should add a gymnastics enrichment. In the comments below, you can write your opinion on your enrichment and what enrichment’s they should add.