Baby Raccoons on Campus!?

Jade and Megan

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Did you hear about the two baby racoons on school grounds? They appeared on North Star’s Campus on Monday, September 7th. Two seventh graders, Leah R. and Izzy T, found them by the creek in an Amazon box. cuddling together and sleeping. As soon as they could, they took them to Ms. Martin’s room at about 3:15. Ms. Martin then called the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, an animal shelter) in Burlingame. (animal shelter). Ms. Martin said, ”They looked like grey kittens, although they were really dirty.” Then we asked her who she thought left them on campus, Ms. Martin said she thought it might be…,” a neighbor who didn’t know what to do with them.”
When the SPCA came they said that the raccoons were weak from hunger, and they had ants all over their bodies. Mrs. Martin said she thought they were “…about 3 weeks old,” The babies measured about 5 inches not including the tail, but the tail was about 2-3 inches long.
Izzy T., one of the 7th graders who found them said she found them probably because I’m usually picked up by the bridge, and I saw an amazon box,”..” Her friend Leah R. said,” I was at an angle that I could see into the box and with my curiosity I opened it, at first Izzy and I thought that they were dead animals. Or squirrels and possums but we soon realized that they were baby raccoons,”.. Then they said that they decided to take them to Ms. Martin immediately. We talked about how they thought the raccoons got on campus and what they thought about the raccoons. They said,” We were kind of confused, and our only instinct was to tell Ms.Martin,.”.

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