The NSA Art Challenge!

Liam, Reporter

You might be asking yourself “why did they want to do an art challenge instead of a poetry challenge?” Well, Megan X. and Danny L. NSA student council president and vice-president, were inspired by their love of art to make the art challenge.
The poetry challenge last year was hosted by former NSA parent Wayne Chiu, but since his daughter graduated from Northstar, he can no longer help host the poetry challenge. Using this to their advantage, Danny and Megan jumped on the chance to make an art challenge. Another reason they added the Art challenge was because they thought there were lots of great artists in this school.
If you like to do art you can enter the contest by turning your artwork in to Ms. Robinson by Friday October 25.
Fifth grader Lily said she likes the contest “…because we have a lot of time to work on our artwork,”
“It’s cool because there are a lot of talented people at NSA and this gives them a chance to show it,” said 5th grader Liza D.
They are planning on keeping the art challenge at Northstar if the students like it. In addition,the teachers are planning on joining this challenge too! If you want to join,