5th grade goes on 3rd grade field trip!

Ethan, Co-section editor

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The 5th graders went going on a 3rd grade field trip last week. They did not go to that field trip in third grade because their teacher, Ms. Sjolund was very ill on the day of the trip. Ms. Sjolund, now a fifth grade teacher, is carrying on the Redwood City history tour for one more year. M “I have been doing this field trip for 9 years,” said Ms. Sjolund. She added that she hopes the new third grade teachers will allow her to go on the field trip some time. Ms. Sjolund knows a lot about Redwood City history.
This trip has been happening for many years. It’s a tradition. Ryan, and Angel, two eighth graders say, “I remember going to a place called independent oddfellows, where you needed a password to get in. Inside they feed homeless people and might have given them shelter.”
“I learned that someone donated 56,000 acres of land,” said megan H, who went on the trip last week.
Ms Sjolund showed us this place that used to be her family’s hardware store. It was in their family for generations,” said Teddy O. another 5th grader who went on the trip.
The field trip consisted of going to Sequoia High School, The Town Hall, The library, and Independent Odd Fellows. This year they also got a tour of Go Fund Me headquarters.
Ms. Sjolund likes to do this field trip because it shows a lot about her family history. Her family has been living in Redwood City since the year 1887 and her grandfather created Homequest Hardware Store in Redwood City. Mrs. Sjolund also is one of the 150 faces of Redwood City.

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