Halloween Day!

Lily and Liza

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Halloween will definitely be a fun for NSA Elementary and Middle School Students! The Elementary student parade will be from 8:40-9:30. All of the kids costumes must be school appropriate. All parents are welcome to come!
On Halloween, they will announce the art challenge winners for both middle school and elementary classes. After they announce the art challenge winners, North Star will have a costume competition for 3-5th and another for 6-8th. They will announce the costume winners at the end of the parade. No weapons will be allowed, even if couldn’t hurt anyone. To avoid confusion, wands are not weapons. Mrs. Shackle does not consider them to be a weapons, — and Mrs. Shackle had approved them. The Middle School Parade is from 9:35 to 10:20. All the same rules apply for every grade level.
Happy Halloween!!!

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