NSA Students’ Awesome Summer Vacations


Lily and Liza

North Star students and teachers went all around the world during the summer! A fifth grader, Lyla K. went to Ireland and England with her family from August 3rd to August 17. She spent 10 days in Ireland and 4 in England. In England she met with a friend, Hannah G. “My favorite part of Ireland was a sheepdog farm.” Lyla said. She also said that she went on a horse carriage ride. She recommends it and would go there again.
Emma T. a fourth grader went to Paris, Rome and Croatia. In Paris, she went to the top of the Eiffel tower, Saw the original Mona Lisa, she also visited the Seine River on a cruise, and went to the Rome colosseum.
Harper K. another fourth grader went to Costa Rica on June 17. She really enjoyed it. She said there was a really good food and went swimming. Harper also recommends it..
Mrs. Sjolund went to Wales, Sweden. She left on June 17, and stayed there for 4 days. She went to go see her friends and family. She saw castles and met a lot of different people. She recommends it and would go there again.
Finally, Mrs. Robinson went to Malawi in Africa for 12 days in June. Her family was helping teachers and staff at a school for orphans. “I showed the teachers how to use math materials.” She liked seeing how joy-filled the kids were. “These kids only have one pair of shoes.” When we asked what her favorite was, she answered, “The children.”
Over all, everyone enjoyed their summers. It was amazing and everyone would totally go there again. Can’t wait till next summer!!!