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You just found a golden ticket! Head on down to North Star Academy on November 15th, 16th, or 17th, to experience the time of your life watching North Star’s production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
In the beloved story by Raold Dahl, Charlie Bucket is a young, underprivileged boy who lives with his grandparents and parents in a small, cold house. He has to sleep on a mattress and the four grandparents stay and sleep on the only bed in the house. Mr. Willy Wonka is a famous chocolate maker who has put five golden tickets into five ordinary candy bars for five lucky children who will get to take a tour of his chocolate factory. Will Charlie be one of those five children to experience the time of his life? Who knows?! Come to the play to find out!
Mrs. Sitte said, “I love the book, I love the movie, so I think I will like the play.”
The role of Charlie Bucket is played by two actors, Ethan C. and Sophia G.
Ethan C., a 5th grader, is playing Charlie on the 15th and 16th of November at 7 and 1 pm. Ethan is excited about being in the show. This is his first time being a main role. Ethan loves theatre because he loves to perform and loves to interact with the audience. He loves to talk in front of a crowd and does not get stage fright.
Ethan said, “I am really excited to have a main role.”
He has been in two of San Carlos Children’s Theatre summer camps. Ethan has been in the ensemble in two of Roy Cloud’s shows and this will be his first at North Star. He can memorize things easily and in a quick amount of time. Ethan likes how Charlie is a very kind, sweet, and good person. Ethan likes acting better than dancing and singing, but he still enjoys all of them. Ethan likes the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie, so he thinks it will be fun to be in the show.
Also playing Charlie on the 16th and 17th at 7pm, is Sofia G., a 6th grader. Sofia said, “ I love working together with everyone during the play.” She also loves having the role of Charlie Bucket.
Mr. Cagle’s enrichment is set design. They are designing, painting and making all of the sets that are going to be in the show.
Adina L.,one of the set designers Mr. Cagle’s enrichment said, “It is fun designing the set because there is a lot of art in it and I like art.”
But of course, they couldn’t do it without the amazing director, Caitlin Savage. With her extraordinary managing abilities, and the casts astonishing acting talent, this show is certainly going to be a sight to see! If you are interested in coming to one the performances, go to to purchase tickets for the show.

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