NSA Costume Contest

Liza and Lily

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Students dressed up as many different things on Halloween! We saw a banana split, Sesame Street Gang, and the Spice Girls. This year, the costume contest was by grade. If you see a costume that you like, you have to scream as loud as you can. The person that gets the most/loudest screams gets to win the contest. The top costumes of 3rd grade were Andres as a unicorn, Madeline as an octopus, and Ansel as a CalTrain. Ansel won 1st place. Ansel had the loudest screams. A lot of 5th graders say “He was so cute!” Ansel said he felt “a bit nervous in front of everyone.” He added, “I like trains” The top 3 costumes of 4th grade were Catherine as a lamp, Christan as Donold Trump, and Clara as a claw machine. Clara said she would either she would be a vending machine or a claw machine, but she decided the claw machine was easier. 5th grade definitely had interesting costumes. Lyla, Matt, Eathan, lizzy, and Adela were a banana split. But the top costumes were Megan, Shira, Chloe, and Pardis as M&Ms, Keegan and Cayden as Marshmallow and Aryan, Nikhil, Ryan, Andrew, James and Eli. “We knew we would win.” Andrew said.
The Middle middle school parade was next. One of the winners was Nick, as Guy Fieri. He got the costume idea by watching tv shows that Guy Fieri was in. There was also a group contest, and the elmo street gang won. Congratulations winners, and hope you had a happy halloween!

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