A Trip to the Cantor Museum

Lily and Liza

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The Trojan History enrichment went to the Cantor museum for full day enrichment last Friday. All the kids had a wonderful time. First,they saw the mausoleum in honor of Jane and Leland, Stanford and Leland Stanford Jr. Also, they saw two statues including one called “Angel of Grief”
After that, someone saw a jack rabbit and there was a wild rabbit chase! The rabbit eventually got away. A fun place was the Stone River. Kids ran around and played tag. Then they went to the oval and church. Finally, everyone got a tour of the museum. One section was full of Augeste Rodin’s work. Auguste Rodin is a famous sculptor. You might have heard of his famous sculpture called the The Thinker. Some things that he sculpted were Bellona, Burghers of Calais, and the Three Shades. Rodin loved to make sculptures whith texture. Sometimes you can see fingerprints or scratches on the sculpture.
Celeste W., a fifth grader in the Trojan History enrichment liked learning about the Trojan War and said “It’s fun.” There was a section about the Stanfords. A huge painting showed all the relatives. There were also death masks of each of the Stanfords. A fun part was a room that had a lot of things Leland Stanford Jr. collected. He wanted to open a museum when he grew up, but died young and his parents opened the university in honor of him. A Korean artist, Do ho suh, had very interesting pieces. There was a huge wall made of tiny people figures. There was also a chandelier of small people on top of others. It made a gorgeous ombre effect. A really cool one was a huge canvas with tiny pictures of his/her’s high school or college class. You can take a magnifying glass and look at the individual pictures. From far away, it looks like snakeskin, or a normal wall.
Grant U., a fourth grader had fun and said he would wanted to come back. The kids definitely had a good time and hope to go back there soon!

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