Study Hall

Megan and Jade

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North Star has a study hall enrichment class where you can work on your homework and other projects. Recently we interviewed students from the class and their teacher, Mr. Robinson. When asked how much homework do they have in and out of study hall, Three out of four students said that they usually complete ¾ of their homework in study hall. , One student said he only completed about half his homework during the class. When asked do you take advantage of being able to work in study hall, most kids said yes. However, one student said no. When asked , is study hall helpful? Everybody replied,”Yes.”!
Half the students we interviewed said they spend ”around the whole time.” The other two kids said they spend they spend about 45 minutes or 30. We asked them to be very honest when we asked if they ever played on their phones or chromebooks. Only one of them admitted to doing this.
Later we interviewed Mr. Robinson and asked him if he thought his students got their work done and if he as a teacher got his done. He replied,” I think some students get more done than others, and myself. . . once in a while.” When we asked him if he enjoyed teaching this enrichment, he replied “Mostly.” This is his third year of teaching study hall, but the idea for the class came from Ms. Frazier, who retired from teaching last year. He said ,”I think that the administrators came up with that idea but I’m not completely sure.”

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