Full Day Enrichment at NSA

Megan and Jade

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The first all day enrichment of the year at NSA was a blast! We interviewed several students and asked them some questions about their enrichments.Isabelle and Katherine two 6th graders in Ms. Bon’s enrichment said, ”We do math and sometimes worksheets, that’s why I like it.”
They do a lot of review, said Katherine, though it’s more advanced.”
Later we went to interview some students in Ms. Simke’s enrichment, Visual Sciences (Zen Tangle designs). We first interviewed a 5th grader named Jamie. Who said. She liked that “we get to draw a lot.”
Kiera, a middle schooler declared,”she liked visual Sciences and that “…we draw Zen Tangle Patterns.
Lastly we interviewed a 7th grader named Jude. We then asked him what he learned from the class was his answer was,” I got better at drawing.” Clearly these enrichments are worthwhile to the students.

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