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Liam and Joshua

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On Friday November 8, the Javascript enrichment class got to go to the Tech Museum in San Jose. The Javascript enrichment is an enrichment where you learn how to code on your own. The trip was an amazing experience. When asked what they thought of the trip, everyone agreed that it was awesome. People loved the trip a lot.
The leader of our group said she’s been there before and that it gets better and better every time. One person in the group , Alexander, said they liked it “…because it had escape rooms.” Akaal, who was also in the group, liked it “because it had robots.” The people that are working there this trip love seeing people smile at the Tech Museum. They agree that it’s fun and educational.
There were also escape rooms that presented you with many challenges, making you think in unique and different ways. On the next floor, there are real human bodies and dissected body parts, including the brain. At the Tech Museum there are lots of interesting facts and lessons to learn. The Javascript enrichment class learned many things in there Enrichment and they had a chance to utilize them at the tech museum. I highly recommend this trip to the Tech museum and I’m sure you will love it.