Ryan and Teddy

Many NSA students love it, many hate it. The new NSA buddy system is now being implemented at NSA. Instead of only having one buddy, you have 5. “I like nothing about it,” said James, a 5th grader. Many students seem to hate the idea of having 5 buddies at once, but others think it will be fine.
“It seems like it will work great,” Said Teddy a 5th grade. Some students seem to love having 5 buddies at once. Many of them like it for the chance to have so many buddies.
Ethan, a 6th grader, thinks that the chemistry will not work at all. Many 6th graders are now complaining they must wait for 8th grade to be the big buddy, he said.
The system works by each buddy having 5 others (one from each grade). Mrs. Sitte made it so each student will have at least one buddy they like in their group
“Mrs. Lozano started the idea of having buddies and she was perfect at it, when she retired many students were devastated,” said Ms. Sitte. So the Principal thought that Mrs. Sitte should do it since she knows a lot of kids.
Luke, a 5th grader, thinks the 3rd graders may feel scared being around so many bigger kids. Adrian, an eighth grader said he likes it because he can know more people in the school, but liked the old system. Peyton, an eighth grader, said she wants to spend more time with her old buddy and if they add more buddies her buddy might feel left out. Adrian also says he likes it for the other buddies but still likes the old system
Kiefer a 4th grader, says, “I like it because you get to socialize with different age groups.” The new buddy system will have a big impact on NSA and opinions vary widely.